D+K // Family Portrait Sesh

Look at this adorable little family. Look at them, so nonchalantly and happily hanging out on the beach, getting their family photos taken. Not a care in the world.  

What you can't see are the droves of beach goers around them. And I mean DROVES. Never in my life did I so completely regret my decision in not planning out this shoot more properly. Not once did I even consider the fact that, oh I don't know, it's summer. What do people do during the summer? Well, they go to beach. Sigh. And it gets better. The tide was coming in hot and the marine layer was already consuming the coast. So any lofty thoughts of having a bright and sunny shoot were directly out the window. Even bigger sigh.

But alas, we all gotta suck it up and do the job regardless of the circumstances. So I bit down hard and started shooting. Thank the good Lord these three were so easy-going, laughing and joking and flexibly playing along as I strategically photographed them, sans all the hot pink bathing suits looming in the background. It was hilarious and unnerving all at the same time. 

Take-way: be vigilante about location scouting during specific seasons. Or prepare to sweat like a beast during the entire shoot.

Now look at some pretty photos of cute people. 

Little dude was so done for.