Frocks of the Fox

So you know how when you go into your closet to hunt down an outfit, you always end up getting trapped by the clothes monster that tries to bite your face off with it's zipper teeth? Is it just me? Because your closet called and it's asking for an intervention. 

I blame my Polish father who keeps everything until it disintegrates and my practical mother who believes that only good clothes come from garage sales and thrift stores. While I'm grateful I've been taught to be frugal in every way, shape, & form, my existence is in jeopardy. I'm a bonafide hoarder and it MUST STOP. Here is where Frocks of the Fox comes into play. 

Back track about 6 months ago (give or take), I had this idea looming in my mind. Basically, I wanted to start an online shop to rid myself of the clothing that I've been clinging to for way too long. For whatever reason, I was convinced I needed to keep every little thing, just in case, becauseyouneverknow, theworldcouldcollapse, ANDWHATIFIDONTHAVETHATVINTAGECOCKTAILDRESSWHENTHEZOMBIESATTACK?!? I'm a slight lunatic. In any case, around the time I began dabbling with the idea, my buddy (hottie on the right) mentioned wanting to sell some of her clothing. Her closet is basically my closet's twin. What we both realized is that we A) need to join Shopaholics Anonymous and B) should probably start a little shop to sell our wares. So we did.

Mind you, the shopping hasn't really stopped. However, we now shop to curate our collection and make these items available to you without the endless and slightly unsettling time of digging through racks and racks and racks of clothing. We get our secondhand shopping fill, you get your one-of-a-kind pieces.  I say that's a win on all accounts. 

Nat & Livi trying to be models...

Nat & Livi being themselves.

We'll constantly be adding pieces on the regular. Plus, there's pretty pictures of pretty girls to look at. Give us a follow on instagram: @frocksofthefox


Nat & Livi