Senior Portraits & Why They're Lame

Oh, high school. All I really remember about you is how hungry I was all the time (bottomless pit over here) and how awkward every single moment of my existence was during those 4 years. I might as well say 6 years since junior high was just as, if not more, brutal. I clumsily made my way through my high school experience, ridiculously long limbs and all, hoping I was cool. I very much wasn't.

Then graduation was just around the corner and the excitement for freedom (kinda) was palpable. Just had to make it through senior portraits. You know, that right of passage where you attempt to be modelesque for some minimum wage employee of a massive, mediocre photography studio that SERIOUSLY abused the "chin leaning on fist" pose. I think the fact that my parents opted to keep the proofs and never actually ordered prints is a testament to how wonderful the end result was. 

Fast-forward about 14 years and you'll see a drastic change in the portraiture world in general. Digital has made a lot more possible in terms of shooting high-end imagery at a mid-level price. Quite frankly, the results are stunning all around. But honestly, senior portraits are still a bit… well… blah. Apparently I missed the memo where I'm supposed to take a regular teenager and photograph them to look ridiculously gawky and awkward. As if they aren't self-conscious enough. 

In my humble opinion, the game needs to be changed. So this is my answer.