The Weekly Roundup // Technically Week 20


Like the beginning of almost of every single summer, I've been ill. And not just a little cold that ushers me into the writhing Orange County heat. But the kind of illness that hits you like a brick wall and thrusts you into the “just put me out of my misery” mode of living. I’m pretty certain that I went from almost having bronchitis to almost having strep throat to almost having a sinus infection to now merely fending off the sniffles (which I will attribute, in part, to allergies). Thanks to all of my accrued knowledge in alternative/holistic medicine, I managed to kick the infection(s) in a week. Take that, all you naysayers.

So yes, freedom. Freedom to jump right back into the grind and work these fingers to the bone. Hmmmm…

If anything, my body chose a great day to finally transition back into wellness. It’s warm but breezy with a slight humidity in the air and I’m loving it like it’s nobody’s business. Reminds me, just a touch, of childhood when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago. But I won’t go as far as saying the weather is even remotely the same. Basically, the summer months in Chicago are always somewhere between damp clothes and soaked clothes. Pitting out is the norm and sweaty hugs are not gross.

In a weird way, I feel rather renewed. And I better because I am about to start two 4 week summer school courses at a junior college and I’m fearing I will lose my sanity if I don’t lose my health first. A semester’s worth of work packed into 30 days? What could possibly go wrong? And I’ll most likely be surrounded by a bunch of men. Let the sexist jokes begin! That’s what I get for choosing a male-dominated field to venture into. Good thing I’m so tall and large handed.

In any case, some new photographic work will be gradually making its way onto the blog. Besides showcasing regular/paid work I’ve been doing, I’m getting back into personal projects that I’m antsy to execute and share. It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything creative just for creativity’s sake but I’m ready to tackle it and hearken back to my senior year of high school, when all this photography madness began and my brain was a whirlwind of ideas.

Ready… steady… go.