The Weekly Roundup // The Vortex That Is Life

I got caught in it again. That vortex known as life reached it's monkey arms all the way around me and violently pulled me in. And now I'm here two months later chuckling at my inability to keep a regular schedule each week. Someone needs to break some bad habits. Pronto. Initially, I started "The Weekly Roundup" shenanigans to keep me on track as well as be an alternate outlet of creativity. Obviously, this is going to be a little trial and error on my part. Welcome to my world.

So I guess this is where the update begins.

It all began with my birthday, that dreaded day of everyone's year where you realize you are so much older than last year. Why there has to be a day to commemorate these unfortunate moments is beyond me. Needless to say, I sorta spiraled into the abyss of dread and panic that seems to plague certain people of my age. You know, the ones who haven't figured out life yet and manage to find every single beginning of a beginning of a wrinkle, where all hopes and dreams go to die. That week was a relentless cluster of anxiety. And then the day came and alcohol was consumed and people celebrated with me and it wasn't so bad. I'm still a little shell-shocked and find myself lamenting in the never-ending existential crisis of "WHY?!?" But I've managed to pick myself up from my first world problem and get things done.

Besides the obvious mid-life crisis that threw me for a loop (in addition to day-to-day work), I've been taking classes. Because if you really can't gracefully put your youth to rest, go back to school. In all seriousness, I'm back in school part-time, dabbling with the idea of getting my studio engineering certificate and realizing that people who completely and totally understand music theory are my heroes. Granted, I seem to be having an easier time than most with the subject and find the puzzle that is music theory to be riveting. No joke. But I'm pretty certain homework will never be my friend. It's something I like to refer to as the hate/hate relationship. I hate it and it hates me and we all hate each other. And we spend way too many hours together hating each other. You can jump off a cliff, homework. But, of course, homework is vital to passing the class. So I must begrudgingly call homework my friend. However, I'll have you know homework was not invited to my birthday party.

The cherry on top of all of the wonderfulness of the last two months is my roll as maid-of-honor in my best friend's wedding. To preface what I'm about to say, I sincerely adore my friend with all of my black little vampire heart and I couldn't be more excited about her getting hitched in less than a month. But oh boy, bridal showers. And bachelorette parties. Really, it's planning parties/gatherings/life that I'm just not so gifted at. Apparently I don't have the Pinterest gene that causes me to gush over blush and taupe detailing that'll give this party just the right amount of romantic ambiance and oh my gosh, aren't those striped straws so cute when paired with the mason jars and burlap table runners?!?!? I think I just pulled a muscle rolling my eyes. Luckily, our friendship consists as a trio and I had the help of the matron of honor. We made it through with a little bit of stress, a lot of margaritas and primarily, our love for our friend. And wouldn't you know it, the mother of the groom said it was one of the best bridal showers she had ever attended. So many high fives to us.

And now, with a great sigh of relief, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming aka stressing about normal life.