The Weekly Roundup//Chapter Two

I could probably just leave it at that. But I won't. Though I will admit I watched the Super Bowl, mainly to witness the fiasco that IS Katy Perry. Extreme fannery of sports = not my thing. But when KP came out on stage, dressed as a Hotdog On a Stick employee, dancing with the now infamous sharks, I couldn't look away.

What really got my goat was finding out that many people did not know who Missy Elliot was. So while I was feeling all weirdly nostalgic, peeps were like "Katy's all about helping new artists!" Goodness, I'm actually that old.

You would think in this day and age, where information is literally at the tips of our fingers, ready and waiting to be absorbed, people would be knowledge treasure troves. But it looks as though cluelessness is on the incline. Or maybe the veil of anonymity was lost with the implementation of social media and really it's that the clueless individuals can now readily air their asininity at any given moment. And the rest of us are forced to be privy to such things.

Here's a clue: Google

However, thanks to all of you who have never consulted with your built-in thought filter, there is an endless supply of memes, GIFs, and Twitter/Facebook screen shots to really tickle my funny bone. Though it does have me gravely concerned for the future of America.

In other news, I have given up coffee. Hellooo snarky. I will be nicer next week


The Girl Who Gave Up One Of Her Favorite Things