The Weekly Roundup//Chapter One

Ah, yes. Here I am, once again, creating for myself a point of accountability.

I am a troubled blogger. Regardless of my adoration for writing and words and amusing people with said writing and words, my track record is atrocious. In addition, I think I've spent the last month working on photography-oriented tasks but haven't actually looked through a viewfinder in that entire time or posted any recent work. Because that would require looking through a viewfinder and creating work that can be called recent. Something is very wrong here.

Let's just say I have a special gift for imbalance.

So without actually implementing Project 365 both photographically and grammatically (because seriously, no), I've settled on a happy medium: The Weekly Roundup, where I roundup my week, just for you, because obviously I think my life is just that important to shove it down your throats on a weekly basis.

Really, I'm just attempting to kill 15+ birds with one stone. There will be no rhyme or reason to the content. Merely thoughts and photographs, whatever that may turn out to be. My challenge is for you to stay tuned. I can guarantee weird and interesting and a whole lot of sarcasm. And most likely a missed week or two or three.

And with that, here's a little excerpt of a wedding I photographed this last summer that WILL be blogged about very soon. It's a sweet photo of two very sweet people.