So I have this little secret: I really love music.  

Wait? What?!?! I'm not the only one?!?!?! How many more ?'s and !'s can I use in this paragraph... ?!?!?!?...!... 

Ok, I'm done.  

In all seriousness, I love music. More or less my lifeblood. Sounds dramatic but it's so very true. When I was just a babe in the crib, I would sing instead of cry. Just made up my own little tunes to amuse myself while I waited to be rescued from my mini-prison. I never cried. Not once. But I'm also a liar. So there you go.

Seems like I was fashioned in the womb to be a little songbird and I suppose I've dabbled with the idea of making music for many, many years. And with all intents and purposes, gave the four walls of my bedroom a daily serenade. If they could speak, well, they'd probably tell me to clean the cobwebs. And maybe vacuum every now and again. But they might, just might, tell me to stop being such a solitary, hoarding individual and share something.  

In honor of my bedroom walls, this is me sharing with you

To save you the energy needed to ask why the recording sounds so, uh, less than professional, my producer told me to do it. She's kinda crazy and a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes wears her pajamas to work. I think she needs therapy.

Ironically (and I do think this is ironic), I covered a song by a girl who is about 12 years my junior. She is doing what I should have been doing at 16 (I know you're all tabulating my age at this moment). But who really has time for childhood stardom when you're so preoccupied with finding a pair of jeans that are long enough to cover your ankles so you aren't self-conscious about EVERYTHING.

Please, do enjoy.